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Strategic Plan

The 2015 - 2017 Strategic Clarity Overview for the Association has five key areas of focus.

  • Increase Membership Value
  • Grow & Diversify Our Membership
  • Strengthen the ttra Brand
  • Elevate the Efficiency and Value of our Conferences
  • Ensure Responsible Fiscal and Organization Growth

Key objectives under each area of focus are as follows:

Increase Membership Value

  • Improve membership satisfaction
  • Increase member retention
  • Improve member engagement
  • Evaluate delivery on what we offer to our members
  • Professional development opportunity

Grow & Diversify Our Membership

  • Increase membership for all three member categories (academic, practitioner, vendor)
  • Faciliate Chapter membership growth

Strengthen the ttra Brand

  • Increase awareness of ttra among US Travel Association and Canadian Tourism Commission
  • Increase awareness among Tourism Boards in Asia/Pacific and Europe
  • Strengthen the reputation of ttra

Elevate the Efficiency and Value of our Conferences

  • Increase Chapter and International conference attendance
  • Increase satisfaction and value of each conference

Ensure Responsible Fiscal and Organization Growth

  • Diversify streams of revenue growth
  • Increase total revenue to allow greater investment in programming
  • Achieve successful audit

The key initiatives for each objective are outlined in the Strategic Clarity Overview.  

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