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Announcing the John and Joan Markham Tourism Marketing Award


We are excited to announce the Awards Program for the 2015 Annual International Conference and the 2015 Marketing Outlook Forum:  A Global Perspective.  The ttra Awards Program was developed to encourage and recognize excellence in the field of travel and tourism research and marketing.  We are extremely pleased to announce a new award for this year - The John and Joan Markham Tourism Marketing Award.

This award was established in honor of John and Joan Markham for the almost 30 years of dedicated service by John Markham as the stalwart financial planner and treasurer for the international Travel and Tourism Research Association.  With Joan steadfastly at his side, the two of them have been unfaltering in their support for ttra over the years and forever committed to its success.  It is John's impressive financial plan that has seen ttra safely through some formidable financial years. 

The award will be a complimentary conference registration to the Marketing Outlook Forum: A Global Perspective (MOF) along with paid travel expenses to include airfare, ground transportation (shuttle), and hotel accommodations.  A check for $150 to be used for incidentals and a paper certificate will be presented to the winner at the MOF.  Round trip travel to the MOF and lodging arrangements will be made and paid for by the Travel and Tourism Research Association.

We're looking forward to your great submissions!  Be sure to visit the AWARDS PAGE on the ttra website for all submission details and award descriptions.



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