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First Speakers and Sessions!

DRAFT Program (subject to change)




We are thrilled to be hosting some very special speakers and sessions at our upcoming conference, the first of these being:


Keynote Speakers on Tourism Sustainability in the Pacific

Often in discussions of ‘Asia-Pacific’, the Pacific region is overlooked, so this session with two experts from the region will provide us with some outstanding insight into their regions of the Pacific. The speakers are Dr Jeffrey Dalley from the Dept of Conservation, NZ and Joseph Cheer from Monash University


Special Session on Women in Contents Tourism

Continuing with our consideration of the place of women in tourism (as researchers and travellers), we are thrilled this year to be looking at the female anime tourist in Japan and overseas. Panel members include members of the Contents Tourism Research Project, Dr. Akiko Sugawa-Shimata, Prof. Philip Long, Prof. Takayoshi Yamaura and Associate Prof Sue Beeton. Convened by Carolyn Childs


Many more exciting Speakers and Sessions to be announced!

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