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The Power of Research

Power of Research Story Submission Guidelines
Deadline: January 15, 2016, 5:00 PM EST
The goal of the Southeast States Chapter of Travel and Tourism Research Association (SETTRA) is to increase the
understanding and the knowledge of tourism research within the industry and among tourism researchers.
One initiative tasked by SETTRA is to obtain case studies that tell the power of research story. These stories will
be used to both educate and promote the importance of tourism research to the industry. This document serves as a
guideline to for submission.
Story Guidelines
1. Dilemma – What was the problem?
2. Brief summary of the research – Provide an overview of how the project came about and what key questions
this research was trying to answer. Briefly describe the methodology as it relates to planning, things like needed
quick results, small budget, latest technology, tested and sound methodology.
3. Some key findings from research – Explain the big insight from the research. Refrain from showing a lot of data
this is just to explain the high-level takeaway.
4. How findings were communicated – Explain the communication process that took place after the research was
complete. Department meetings, Committee meetings, Stakeholder communications, etc.
5. Action taken from research/findings – What was changed based on these results
6. Results from action taken – Are there any further results from these changes worth noting? Where there any
surprises, mistakes and any lessons learned?
Overall, the Case Study will tell an insightful story and what little tricks improved organizational goals. 
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