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2015 Conference Award Winners

The ttra awards program was developed to encourage and recognize excellence in the field of travel and tourism research and marketing. Entrants are judged on quality, originality, creativity, usefulness, results and benefits to the travel and tourism industry. 

2015 Award Winners:

Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner:  Dr. Rick Perdue, Virginia Tech Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Pictured with Rick are past award winners: Dr. Dan Fesenmaier, Dr. Jim Burke, Dr. Chuck Goeldner, Dr. Pauline Sheldon, John Markham, and Dr. Peter Williams






Boeing Master Student Research Award
Winner:  Ibrahim Nasreen, College of Innovation, Thammasat University


Boeing Master Student Research Merit Award
Winner: Fei (Evelyn) Ye, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Pictured with Fei:  Dr. Lori Pennington-Gray and Dan Mishell



Best Research Paper Award
Winners:  Jeongmi Jamie Kim and Dr. Dan Fesenmaier, University of Florida

Pictured with Dr. Fesenmaier:  Dr. Rick Perdue, Dr. Marion Joppe, and Dan Mishell 

(Jeongmi Jamie Kim not pictured)


Best Illustrated Paper Award
Winner:  Dr. Pete Parker, Vancouver Island University

Pictured with Pete:  Dr. Cynthia Messer, Dr. Dan Erkkila, Dr. Sue Beeton, and Dan Mishell


Charles R. Goeldner Article of Excellence Award
Winners:  James Higham (University of Otago), Scott Cohen (University of Surrey), and Christina Cavaliere (University of Otago)

Pictured with Christina:  Dan Mishell, Dr. Dan Fesenmaier, and Dr. Rick Perdue

(James Higham and Scott Cohen not pictured)


Best Graduate Colloquium Award
Winner:  Jake Jorgenson, University of Montana

Pictured with Jake:  Dr. Marion Joppe and Dan Mishell


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