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2018 Qualitative Research Workshop


Qualitative Reseasrch Workshop:
encouraging innovation in the universe of tourism research


49th annual ttra international conference
miami ~ coral gables, florida usa
june 26, 2018


We are looking forward to hosting the fourth ttra Qualitative Research Methods Workshop in Miami-Coral Gables on June 26th. The workshop has grown from our initial special interest group meetings where we started discussions about the joys and challenges of qualitative research. We are now a much anticipated feature of the annual conference, welcoming academics and practitioners from across the globe to continue these discussions.


We invite you to join us for the workshop this year and are currently accepting abstracts for review. Abstracts for the workshop should follow the guidelines for all ttra academic abstract submissions and can be submitted through the TTRA 2018 ScholarWorks website.

Two tracks have been established for the presentations:

  • one targeting innovative methodological approaches (Methods Papers) and
  • another that focuses on completed research (Research Papers).

When submitting your abstract on Scholarworks please use the Qualitative Methods Workshop link and indicate which track is appropriate for your work. To submit your abstract on scholarworks, click HERE.


Presentations in the Qualitative Research Methods Workshop are conducted as roundtable discussions which focus on conversation and engagement with a small audience and do not utilize powerpoints, but rather other presentation aids are encouraged (e.g., audio files, short videos, or photographs). In addition to learning from their peers during the roundtable presentations workshop, attendees will also participate in hands-on learning activities and discussions with a featured qualitative researcher.

Qualitative Workshop Chairs

Dr Nancy McGehee -

Dr Whitney Knollenberg -

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