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Marketing Outlook Forum




2017 Marketing Outlook Forum

October 23 to 25, 2017

Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland USA



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Why Attend MOF?


Hear from industry experts why the MOF tops their list
of events they ALWAYS make time to attend.



What is the Marketing Outlook Forum (MOF)?
The MOF is the industry's leading strategic travel forecast conference combining industry networking and quality educational programs into a premier event.


Who should attend MOF?  Leadership from within the following:
State Travel Offices (STOs)
Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)
Travel and Tourism Departments at the Federal, State and Local Level
Family Attractions, i.e. Theme Parks, Water Parks, etc.
Cultural Attractions, i.e. History Museums, Art Museums, etc.
Transportation, i.e. Airlines, Shuttles, Sightseeing 
Marketing Professionals, i.e. strategists, media professionals, social media experts, etc.
Research Professionals, i.e. consumer research, analytics, insights, etc.
Media, i.e. Travel blogs, magazines, etc.
Suppliers/Vendors, i.e. research companies, marketing consultants, etc.


Why should you attend MOF?  Here's the long version...MOF will
  • Equip senior management responsible for strategy and marketing with data, insights, and tools that inform and drive smart marketing and business decisions and current marketing and long-term strategic planning;

  • Provide an opportunity for marketers and researchers to share the same platforms for discussion/learning/strategy development and decisions;

  • Provide opportunity for industry executives to learn from their peers and industry experts, identify industry opportunities and explore cooperative solutions to industry challenges;

  • Provide opportunity for consultants/vendors to promote products and services and engage directly with end-users in support of marketing goals and strategies;

  • Provide opportunity for academics to keep current with travel and tourism trends, and interact with travel and tourism executives.


Why should you attend MOF?  Here's the short version...
For more than 30 years, the Marketing Outlook Forum has been premised on one simple formula:
Research and Forecasts + Marketing Insights + Informed Strategy = SUCCESS



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