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ttra...advancing tourism research globally 



No other international organization of this magnitude offers a) access to a unique membership combination of academics, practitioners and vendors and b) exclusive networking opportunities among these groups that result in c) mutually beneficial business relationships and collaboration. All of that AND it’s brought to you with a very research-centric, world perspective that is the essence of ttra!
As an association with more than 40 years of history, ttra and its members represent an impressive body of travel industry related knowledge.  Here’s a taste of what you gain as an active member of ttra:

Professional Status Recognition

  • ttra is a leading advocate for higher standards in travel and tourism related research and analysis. Membership in ttra says to the global community that you strive to meet the same exceptional standards.

Industry Education

  • Through publications, meetings, conferences, webinars, social networks, LISTSERV discussions and professional development experiences, you will be able to stay up to date on the latest travel industry research and methodologies, travel trends, forecasting, behaviors, and more.

Multi-Sector Membership

  • ttra offers access to a unique membership combination of academics, practitioners, and vendors.

Regional Chapters

  • ttra’s chapter structure provides you with an additional venue for networking and communication with a local focus and many great opportunities for involvement.

Networking Opportunities

  • As a member, you will have many opportunities to share knowledge and experiences with industry colleagues.
  • Our members build personal contacts within the global community of ttra members that lead to identifying partners for joint marketing, research projects, and developing the kind of relationships that provide long lasting business opportunities.
  • In addition to traditional peer and colleague networking, ttra exposes you to some of the greatest mentors in the travel and tourism community.

Global Potential

  • Through its international dimension, ttra facilitates the opportunity for its members to reach out to each other across the continental divide, to network and to gain access to the latest developments and best practices within the business and academic fields globally.
The Travel and Tourism Research Association (ttra) is a non-profit professional association whose major purpose is to increase the quality, value, effectiveness and use of research in travel marketing, planning and development. Our association strives to be a leader for the global community of practitioners, vendors and educators engaged in research, information management and marketing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.
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