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International Committees


Below is a listing of our current Committees and their Chairs. Please feel free to connect directly with the Chair of a Committee if you have a suggestion or concern. If you are a member of ttra and would like to volunteer on a Committee, please contact Elizabeth Pike at to learn more.

Chapter Liaison Counsel

Chair: LuAnn Reinders -

2017 Conference Committee

Chair: Dr. Marion Joppe -

2017 Conference Awards Sub-Committee

Chairs: Dr. Lori Pennington-Gray -, Dr. Elizabeth Halpenny -

2017 Conference Academic Program Sub-Committee

Chairs: Dr. Jonathon Day -, Dr. Laurent Bourdeau -

2017 Conference Visual Papers Sub-Committee

Chairs: Dr. Kelly MacKay -, Dr. Sue Beeton -

2017 Conference Qualitative Research Sub-Committee

Chairs: Dr. Nancy McGehee -, Dr. Whitney Knollenberg -

2017 Conference Student Symposium Sub-Committee

Chairs: Dr. Gyan Nyaupane -, Dr. Iis Tussyadiah -

2017 Conference Practitioner Papers Sub-Committee

Chairs: Julie Gilbert -, Maryse Côté-Hamel -

2017 Conference Sponsorship Sub-Committee

Chairs: Donna Larsen -, Luc Durand -

2017 Conference Translation Sub-Committee

Chairs: Dr. Pascale Marcotte -, Dr. Laurent Bourdeau -
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